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Oregon Breweries

Welcome to Portland Oregon Breweries Tours directory. We offer a list of the Top Breweries in Oregon and wonderful trips to visit them. We also Wine Tour Portland - Brewery in Oregonoffer a number of transportation options for visiting Oregon Breweries. There is a great selection of high quality breweries in Oregon. Customize your very own Oregon Beer Tour. There are many breweries in Portland to visit, or along the coast and throughout the state. Portland Beer Tours is a fun and interesting way to spend a day with a group of friends or relatives.

Oregon State has established an international reputation for its beer production in recent decades. Oregon has several types of hops, which are adapted to all major styles of beer, including stouts, ales and IPAs. Beer production in Oregon began in the 1850’s, with Oregon breweries beginning commercial production at the same time.

A Brief History of Oregon Brewing

1852 – Henry Saxer Brewery founded in Portland.

1856 – Bottler George Henry Weinhard adds a second brewery in Portland.

1914 – five years before a national ban was established, the voters of Oregon passed a ban on the manufacture of the sale and advertising of alcoholic beverages.

1933 – 21st Amendment is ratified in the state of Oregon,

1985 – Oregon Legislature legalized brewpubs in 2008,

Portland had 30 microbreweries within city limits, more than any other city in the world and over one third of the total the State. With 46 microbrewers of craft beer, Portland, Oregon has more breweries per capita than any other city in the United States, (includes brewpubs). While the overall state of Oregon is 4th nationally in craft breweries per capita. Many have won national and international reputations and awards..

Portland Wine Tour - Oregon BreweryLarge Producers of Beer

The major producers of Oregon, which are all large volume producers in the U.S. are (in production quantities):

  • BridgePort Brewing @ 22,000+ Barrels
  • Deschutes Brewery @ 69,000+ Barrels
  • Full Sail Brewing Company @ 14,000+ Barrels
  • McMenamins Brewpubs @ 17,000+ Barrels
  • Rogue Ales @ 66,000+ Barrels
  • Widmer Brothers Brewery @ 62,000+ Barrels

It should be noted that, as in the brief history notes, Henry Weinhards was an Oregon based brewing company for over 100 years before being purchased by an outside company.

Styles of Beer

Ales: Ale is commonly defined by its fermentation temperature and the variety of yeast used.. . At these temperatures, yeast produces significant amounts of esters and other flavor and aroma characteristics of the beer. The results are often a bit like fruity compounds such as apple, pear, pineapple, banana or plum. Ales are generally sweeter, fuller-bodied lagers.

Stouts: Stouts and porters are dark beers made using roast barley and/or malts, and usually produce on a slow boil to ferment the yeast. There are several variations including Baltic porter, dry stout, and Imperial Stout. Porter was the name first used in 1721 to describe the dark brown beer popular with street and river porters to the applicants in London. This same beer later became known as stout, even though the word stout had been widely used already since 1677. Stout and porter histories are mutually inclusive.

Other Styles of beer include Lagers, Wheat and Lambics and other Belgian-style Beers. Oregon is a well known-producer of many of these styles including variations of European favorites like the American Style Hefeweizen.